Teddi Ann Barry, a colleague and friend of Jason Lacy and Sherri Sweers has joined the firm as of counsel to take care of our clients and community with family law and mediation needs.

Family Law includes divorce, dissolution of marriage, allocation of parental responsibility and custody matters, paternity and child support actions.

Whether the main issue of contention is the division of marital assets or parental responsibilities, Steamboat Lawyers Group works diligently and zealously to help our clients in the most fiscally responsible, emotionally aware and professional manner possible.

With a constant focus on the fix or resolution, our family law attorneys advocate and defend the desired outcome while protecting the best interests of the children.


Divorce, also known as the Dissolution of Marriage, may be the end of a marriage, but all too often with children, there is a new family relationship that must be created. Save your children and restructure your family successfully by working with our attorneys who appreciate the emotional and financial strain of divorce and want to assist you through this difficult time in the most time efficient, cost effective, professionally and legally sound way possible.

Couples attempt to resolve their divorce between themselves without involving attorneys and many times have to call a lawyer after the fact. Those legal contracts or separation agreements and parenting plans come back after the divorce is final for modification or changes to provisions that do not work or do not make sense for your family, and may cost much more time and expense than getting the proper legal advice and counsel from the beginning.

You are not just ending a marriage, there are rights to assets, business interests, equity in property, and increase in values of any pre-marital assets to consider. There is also maintenance, or spousal support; allocation of marital debt and the division of personal property to consider. Divorce is not simple. The attorneys of the Steamboat Lawyers Group can help to make it less complicated, and best help you determine what is fair and equitable.

It is possible to negotiate your contract with an attorney before ever filing the petition for dissolution of marriage and avoid needless court appearances and hearings. It is possible for one party to hire counsel to draft the proposed agreements before involving litigation or other attorneys. Almost anything is possible with the family law attorneys of Steamboat Lawyers Group.

As so much in family law is left to the discretion of the court, finding counsel to best explain and work with you towards resolution of what is fair and equitable moving forward is key to a successful divorce in Colorado. Please call us for a complimentary consultation today.


Custody in Colorado is now known as the allocation of parental responsibility. The idea was to get away from treating or considering our children with a property like connotation and focus more on the continued responsibility to our children after divorce.

The end of a marriage does not terminate your responsibility as a parent. Parental Responsibilities are divided into two channels, residential responsibility and decision-making responsibility.

Residential Responsibility is deciding where your child will live and with whom? What will the parenting time be for the child with each parent? Should it be the same for more than one child or should the children have different parenting plans because of age or gender?

Decision-making responsibility may be joint or the responsibility of one parent, depending on the parents ability to work together for the best interests of their child. Decision-making responsibilities are meant for major decisions regarding the child's education, medical needs, religion and extra-curricular activities.

The family law attorneys of the Steamboat Lawyers Group work hard to make sure that your children do not suffer through your divorce. By working with our clients to negotiate fair parenting plans that maintain the children's needs and the parents' responsibilities similar to the relationship during the marriage, we are hopeful to help you save your children and restructure your family successfully.


When a child is born to a couple that have not chosen to be married, there is still a legal need to establish an allocation of parental responsibility or custody when the couple decides not to stay together. This is also the action that helps establish any child support obligation.

You never want one parent to be able to leave the community and state with your child when there are not orders preventing him or her to do so. You never want years to go by only to have a support order issues with years of support owed in arrears, or back pay, because you failed to establish court orders

The Petition for Allocation of Parental Responsibility is the court action that will help the parents decide where the child lives, how often the child is with the other parent, how major decisions for the child will be made and the amount of support to be paid based upon factors explained in child support.

Just because you break up does not mean you want to fight about how to parent. The attorneys of Steamboat Lawyers Group will help you determine or negotiate what is best for your child and get the Court orders necessary for you to move forward together as parents. It is hard enough for a child to have his or her parents live separately, do not make it more difficult by leaving decisions undetermined or left to chance. Call us today for a complimentary consultation.


Child support in Colorado is determined with a calculation that looks at the gross income of each party, the number of overnights each child has with the parents, who pays health insurance and child care and any extra-ordinary expenses agreed upon.

While this is the child support guideline structure, child support may be complicated and often includes so many other factors to consider.

Is one parent unemployed or under-employed?

Does the annual income of the parties exceed the guidelines?

Are there other sources of income or expense that need to be considered?

Does one parent have a business that makes the determination of gross
income difficult?

Child Support is meant to provide similar financial support and comfort that your child would have enjoyed had you remained together with the other parent. This consideration is not, however, meant to leave the other parent suffering financially.

The family law attorneys of the Steamboat Lawyers Group can help you determine the amount that is fair and equitable and most likely to be ordered by the Court.

If you already have a support order, and need to enforce the order, our attorneys can advise you of your options to work with child support enforcement or pursue a contempt action for the support owed.

Do not overlook amounts your child is legally entitled to receive for his or her care.

Do not overpay when there has been a 10% or more change in the financial situation of the other party.

Do call us for a complimentary consultation to discuss you child support matters.

We look forward to assisting you with all of your Divorce needs.