Mehana Campbell, Operations Manager and Billing


Mehana grew up in the beautiful Yampa Valley, moving to Steamboat Springs from IL in 1993 and graduating from Steamboat Springs High School in 2001. She lived in Salt Lake City, UT during the 2001 Olympic Games but returned home to Steamboat where she has been living, working and raising her family.

Mehana is an outdoor enthusiast who is dedicated to wildlife conservation and the promotion of responsible public land use. If she is not with her family in the woods camping, hiking, and hunting, you'll find them traveling to new places as often as time allows.

Mehana has excelled in various occupations in the valley as a snowboard instructor, landscaper, restaurateur, lifeguard, swim instructor and nanny, but found a special place to advance her career with Pediatrics of Steamboat Springs. She brings with her 12 years of experience working as their lead Administrative Assistant and is excited to expand her professional repertoire by pursuing her Paralegal degree with Steamboat Lawyers Group.